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WBT 0610ag nextgen (set of 4)

WBT 0610ag nextgen (set of 4)

Set of four plugs

Designed after the WBT-0645 angled plug, the WBT-0610Ag banana plug enhances overall performance by utilizing pure silver for the signal connection. It is fully insulated using Makrolon® and a member of the nextgen family. A secure connection is possible through an expanding inner spike which provides high clamping power. While using only one hand, cables can be connected in tight spaces with just thumb and forefinger. Extremely compact, sloping angle is easy on cable and equipment. Two Torx™ screws for extra tight pressure connection and additional cable strain relief. Connector can accommodate a cable diameter size of 10mm² / 8 AWG

Price: 179.95 (Including VAT at 20%)

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