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Van Den Hul The Air 3T

Van Den Hul The Air 3T

Next to the four lead 3T speakercable The CLOUD Hybrid, Van den Hul has introduced a four lead cable in approx. the same diameter as the Fusion Technology The Inspiration but then equiped with new 3T conductors, called 3T The AIR.

The 3T The AIR cable is a four lead construction that can be used for:
Stereo (2-2),
Bi-wire (2-4) and/or
Bi-amp (4-4) applications.

The Termination is done with special 3T Rhodium plated Berri busconnectors.

Each of the 4 AWG - 12 conductors consists of 42 single 0.23 mm wide 3T strands.
The quad construction gives you the option to work both bi-wired and/or four-wired in the connections between your power amplifier and loudspeakers.

The 4 x AWG - 12 lay-out is your guarantee for a perfect combination of superb sound and an affordable price. And the extra ground-lead in the centre allows you to make a separate ground connection between the cross-over shielding of your loudspeakers (especially Tannoy is using this technology) and a separate ground connection on your power amplifier.

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