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Unison Research Performance

Unison Research Performance

Over the decades that Unison Research have been designing and building audio products, they have always listened to the concerns and comments of their valued customers; and over time they have realised that those customers' needs have changed. As a result of this ongoing willingness to listen, they are constantly developing new and existing products to suit the ever-changing needs of their customers. Enter the latest version of the long-standing Performance integrated amplifier.

The Performance is a single-ended Class A integrated amplifier with a parallel internal layout for ultimate sound-staging and an authentic valve experience. This latest version offers increased power, when compared to its predecessor, while staying true to the important characteristics of timeless aesthetics and pure musical pleasure.

As with all high quality integrated amplifiers, the Performance is laid out in dual-mono configuration. Within the single chassis there are effectively two identical but fully independent amplifiers. This design avoids any possibility of interference, whether internal or atmospheric, between the two channels.

Unison Research's extensive knowledge of transformer production has resulted in a specially designed set of transformers for the Performance, which help the amplifier to give a true best-in-class performance. The parallel single-ended ultralinear configuration would be completely undermined if there were not suitably developed transformers in place, as the special design effectively allows the KT88 tetrode valves to be used as triodes.

Valves are used for all the amplification stages, and all valves operate in pure Class-A mode. The pre-amplification and power stage drivers are based entirely upon triodes, with the use of high-grade ECC83 and ECC82 tubes. With these valves it is possible to obtain excellent linearity and a virtual absence of odd-order harmonic distorsion. Both these stages are designed with triodes in parallel and use automatic biasing for a long and reliable life. This allows the output impedance of the two circuits to be usefully reduced, while total harmonic distorsion is also reduced and signal to noise ratio is increased.

As well as a clear array of inputs and outputs on the back-panel - including separate speaker terminals for 4 Ohm and 8 Ohm loads - the Performance also benefits from a power output for the Simply Phono. So the amplifier also acts as an upgrade power supply for Unison Research's introductory phono stage.

The Performance is a true high-end masterpiece that benefits from both a long-standing reputation and up-to-date technology.

Key Features:

Improved design from the original Performance
Single-ended parallel, ultra linear dual mono integrated valve amplifier
Hand built in Italy
45W output per channel
KT88 valves used in sophisticated output stage design
4 Ohm and 8 Ohm loudspeaker terminals
Simply Phono upgrade power supply built-in
RC2 remote included

Technical Data:
Dual Mono Stereo Integrated Valve Amplifier
Output Stage: Single Ended Parallel Ultra-linear A Class
Output Power (per-channel): 45W
Frequency Response:
20Hz - 30kHz
Valves: 6 x 6550/KT88, 2 x ECC82 (12AU7), 2 x ECC83 (12AX7)
Power Consumption: 500W max.
Inputs: 4 x Line, 1 x Tape
Dimensions (W x D x H): 60 x 48 x 23.5cm
Net Weight: 50kg

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