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Trilogy 907

Trilogy 907

The compact enclosure for the active circuitry is machined from a solid billet of aluminium. It's 1.5kg mass provides outstanding physical and electrical isolation for each of the circuit elements. Even the DC from the power supply runs through its own channel within the housing, until L-C filtering takes place before the main power regulators

The commonly used series regulator, usually chosen for its lower power dissipation and simplicity, has been rejected in favour of discrete shunt regulators. They are biased heavily into Class A with plenty of voltage headroom to provide ample current for the active gain stages.

The key feature of shunt regulators is their ability to sink, as well as source current. This gives a clear performance advantage under the dynamic operating conditions music demands.

The DC for the regulators is derived from a new improved remote power supply. This can be placed remotely to keep any magnetic fields well away from the sensitive active circuitry.

The custom mains transformer is designed with a low operating current density and a copper faraday screen. It feeds the main Mundorf reservoir capacitors through a bespoke inductor, forming a true choke input supply for absolute minimum electrical noise. The enclosure is non magnetic high quality aluminium with a thick brushed black anodised front panel.

Each channel has its independently housed and isolated gain stage. The fully discrete topology is single ended; achieving high bandwidth and low distortion through the use of active current sources and cascode gain blocks, eliminating cross over distortion. Precision matched input transistor pairs ensure low noise.

The circuit performance is such that global feedback is not needed. RIAA equalisation is passive, carefully optimized with precision components. Gain settings for MM or MC and cartridge loading are easily achieved via configuration switches on the base. Three gain settings and a very wide range of loading options mean virtually any cartridge can be accomodated.

Bringing all the design elements together: innovative circuit topology, optimized electrical screening, superior component quality and elimination of microphony through mass loading, the Trilogy 907 achieves class leading performance. Vast headroom, low noise floor and low dynamic distortion are just some of the benefits that have been realized in achieving our main goal; outstanding musicality.

Superbly crafted for making music at the highest level, the Trilogy 907 conjures music that lives and breathes, keeping the magical essence of vinyl perfectly intact.

Price: 2,895.00 (Including VAT at 20%)

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