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Trilogy 906

Trilogy 906

The 906 has a signal path free from cheap, off-the-shelf op-amp integrated circuits. The gain stages are single ended Class A and fully discrete. Each individual component has been chosen for its audio performance alone.

The high bandwidth and low distortion topology uses active current sources and cascode gain blocks with zero global feedback.

RIAA equalisation is passive, carefully implemented with precision components. A DC servo eliminates the need for large value output capacitors, bringing further performance gains.

Settings for MM or MC gain and loading are accessed by configuration switches on the base.

For cartridge loading there are six values of resistance from 70 Ohms to 47K Ohms and four values of capacitance from 100 to 420 picofarads available, accommodating a very wide range of cartridges.

The integral low noise, linear power supply is generously specified with a custom transformer and quality branded reservoir capacitors. No generic, electrically noisy, switching wall-warts here.

The power supply rails are shunt regulated. Although the component count is higher than the inexpensive series regulator IC solution usually found here, their performance is far superior. They can sink as well as source current to the active circuits. This crucial difference gives them superior transient response, making them ideally suited to the dynamically demanding conditions of high performance audio.

The 906 is hand made exclusively in England. The solid, bespoke casework is finished to the same high standard as all other Trilogy products with quality materials, beautiful durable finishes and branded components, built to last.

Price: 995.00 (Including VAT at 20%)

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