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Townshend Seismic Isolation Podium

Townshend Seismic Isolation Podium

Designed as a range to accommodate any size and weight of speaker – standmount plus stand, floorstander or subwoofer – the Seismic Podium breaks the acoustic connection between the floor and the speaker, preventing the passage of deleterious vibrations both to and from the speaker cabinets.

Floated on Seismic Isolation Podiums, speakers are freed from the ever-present seismic activity and room/floor interactions that seriously degrade sound quality. The result is simply magical, allowing listeners to hear into their favourite music in a way they were never able to previously. When under your speakers, they will give you immediate improvements in overall sound by preventing speaker generated vibration from entering the floor and sound from entering your speakers. By eliminating the resonance between the speaker-cabinet mass and the floor, the sound will be noticeably clearer, much more tuneful, controlled and natural. Bass boom is significantly reduced and there will be a far larger, much deeper and wider sound stage. The sound becomes natural and more enjoyable.

As many have already witnessed, the improvements are a revelation and a true pleasure – not least because severing the acoustic link between the speaker and the floor allows playback at more realistic volume levels without annoying the neighbours!

Available in five standard sizes (or to special order to accommodate true behemoths), each Podium platform utilizes Townshend’s innovative ‘Captive’ Load Cell technology to provide a stable four-square footprint that extends well beyond the perimeter of the speaker cabinet. This also allows easy fine levelling adjustment of each Load Cell via a rotatable top cap while, on the bottom, is an adjustable foot to compensate for out-of true floors. The tough black steel platform has a large area treadplate that accommodates any shape of medium to large speaker or sub-woofer, with or without spikes. The Seismic Podiums are suitable for wood, tile or carpeted floors. Total speaker height is increased by only 20mm (3/4”).

Size 1 - For speakers up to (270 x 200 mm) Overall Podium footprint (429 x 359mm)
Size 2 - For speakers up to (370 x 275 mm) Overall Podium footprint (549 x 454mm)
Size 3 - For speakers up to (470 x 350 mm) Overall Podium footprint (664 x 549mm)
Size 4 - For speakers up to (544 x 400 mm) Overall Podium footprint (738 x 599mm)
Size 5 - For speakers up to (604 x 440 mm) Overall Podium footprint (808 x 649mm)

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