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Stax SRM T8000

Stax SRM T8000

The new 'Top of the range' Energiser from Stax

This is quite an astonishing product and quite a step up from the SRM007T ... especially with the SR007 and SR009

Hybrid configuration adopting a double-triode 6922 which is established with high sound quality in the first stage and a semiconductor of A class operation in the output stage.
Vacuum tube is a separate board made of vibration-proof damper and shield cover and thorough elimination of vibration and noise.
High-capacity large toroidal transformers and other high-quality parts selected carefully are introduced to details.
External (BYPASS) function which passed volume of this machine and made it possible to adjust the volume with external equipment is installed.


Frequency Response: 1Hz to 115kHz
THD: <0.01% @ 1kHz
Maximum Gain: 60 dB
Sensitivity: 100mV
Input impedance: 50k? (50k? × 2 when balanced)
Valve Complement: 2×6922
Power consumption: 95W
Dimensions (WHD): 320×103×395mm
Weight: 7.3kg

Stax has announced a new hybrid headphone amplifier which uses a 6922 twin-triode in the pre-amplifier section and solid-state Class-A circuitry in the power output stage.

The Stax SRM-T8000 has the twin triodes mounted on a separate PCB that’s vibrationally isolated and shielded from the chassis to prevent external vibrations and noise from affecting the performance of the valve through microphonics.

The SRM-T8000 uses a large, high-current toroidal transformer in its power supply and has a bypass function that removes the volume control from the circuit, so you can instead adjust volume using an external device. It also has a pass-through input (input 1 of the two line-level unbalanced RCA inputs) so you can route a signal through to other components. In addition to the two unbalanced inputs, there’s a balanced input, via XLR.

We will trade back any Stax Energiser against a new SRM 8000T

Demonstration unit available - give us a ring to book a listen

Price: 4,395.00 (Including VAT at 20%)

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