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Rega repairs

Rega repairs

Rega are renowned for producing one of the most robust and reliable turntable ranges available. But with over 45 years of production, you do get occasional problems ... particularly if you have just decided to rediscover your vinyl and pulled your Rega out of the loft... most of our phone calls about repairs are for turntables that are being recommissioned.

We have been selling and servicing Rega for over 35 years, so we are very familiar with possible faults and solutions.

Don't read the forums and decide to have ago yourself, there are some almost hilarious myths and some quite bizarre pieces of advice on there ... as you always get with any iconic product.

Give us a call ....we can repair your Rega for you ... or if you want to have a go yourself, our advice is free, we may even be able to talk you through a repair and if needed we stock most parts.

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