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Project Dacbox S FL

Project Dacbox S FL

The DAC Box S FL is a high-grade, but small-sized, Digital to Analogue Converter that comes highly rated by the key hi-fi press. This unit benefits from not over-sampling and an innovative filter-less design, and is designed to work optimally with CDs and their 16-bit/44.1kHz compression rate.

The DAC BOX FL uses four TDA-1543T DA-Chips in parallel Dual Differential Mode, which guarantees high precision and very low distortion in the audible frequency-range below 20kHz. The ultra-low distortion spectrum below 20kHz is actually very similar to those of old tube amplifiers - creating a very smooth and enjoyable sound performance which is naturally balanced with lots of detail, while particularly articulate in the bass frequencies.

Because the TDA-1543 chips operate best at higher temperature levels, good heatsinks are used to stop the negative effects of overheating taking control. Finally, the SMD output stage is also directly coupled to the D/A converters for the best possible results. This whole configuration allows for one overriding benefit; no additional filtering is needed!

More about the non-oversampling design principle used in the DAC Box S FL can be found on the Sakura Systems website.

The new S-type construction now also means the Dac Box S FL complies with the latest EU rulings on stand-by power consumption, and that the design is more stylish than before.

Key Features:

Audiophile 16 bit linear D / A conversion
Without digital filtering
4 x TDA1543 in parallel operation mode
"Analogue" full-bodied sound
Input selector on front
New stylish design S
Faceplate in silver or black

Price: 179.00 (Including VAT at 20%)

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