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Project Dacbox E

Project Dacbox E

The DAC Box E by Pro-Ject is an entry level Digital/Analogue converter for your digital sound sources. Despite its bargain price, the DAC Box E uses high quality components to deliver an outstanding sound from such a small package and supports HD audio up to 24/192kHz.

The internal circuitry design of the DAC Box E is perfectly linear with low output impedance to avoid any interference from cables or amplifiers.

This compact DAC is a perfect sound upgrade for most home entertainment systems by adding better sound quality for the likes of your CD Player, BluRay or DVD player, Games console or set-top box.

Key Features:

24bit / 192kHz D/A conversion
Co-axial (RCA) & optical (Toslink) S/PDIF input
SMD circuitry
Special low noise components
Internal metal shielding
Small size allows installation close to source
Gold plated RCA connection sockets
Outboard power supply included
Black or White casing

Price: 69.00 (Including VAT at 20%)

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