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Ophidian Mojo

Ophidian Mojo

MOJO is a compact 2-way loudspeaker designed for use either as a stand mount speaker or alternatively wall mounted. Utilising dual mid bass units in a close coupled array and the unique AEROFLEX port system it is capable of producing a truly room filling sound.
Dual 90mm midbass units utilise lightweight and stiff aluminium diaphragms, balanced neodymium magnet motor systems and long throw rubber surrounds.

AEROFLEX technology enables this highly compact speaker to produce deep and precisely controlled bass by keeping port velocity to a minimum and ensuring the drive units are properly supported throughout their stroke. By building the port systems directly into the cabinet structure the outer walls are braced and strengthened minimising panel resonances.

High frequencies are produced by a 27mm tweeter with a Sonolex coated fabric diaphragm and low distortion neodymium motor system closely coupled between the midbass units. Each pair of speakers feature a mirror image layout with the ability to listen with the tweeters either inboard or outboard depending on preference and the listening room.


• Dual 90mm aluminium long throw midbass units with balanced neodymium motor systems

• 27mm Neodymium high frequency unit with a Sonolex coated fabric diaphragm

• AEROFLEX port system for a precisely controlled bass performance

• Braced and optimised cabinet built in Sheffield, UK


Frequency response - 46hz to 28khz

• Sensitivity - 87.5dB (2.83v)

• Recommended power - 50 to 100 watts

• Impedance - 4 ohms

• Dimensions - 253mm H x 142mm W x 199mm D* (plus 36mm binding posts and grill)

• Weight - 5kg

Price: 850.00 (Including VAT at 20%)

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