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Nordost Reference Jumpers

Nordost Reference Jumpers

The Reference Bi-Wire Jumpers offer a significant performance upgrade over the cheap metal strips found with most loudspeakers. While the Norse 2 Jumpers offer major improvements to the musical performance, the Reference Jumpers are even better. Based on Dual Mono-Filament construction and TSC technology (also found in the Odin Series), the sonic benefits are massive. These tuned pairs of straight-line jumpers maintain perfect signal integrity between the loudspeaker binding posts. Using high quality, low mass connectors, the standard termination is spade to 4 mm Nordost Z plugs. Replacing the standard bridging plates with Reference Series Jumpers creates an astonishing difference. Use them with Nordost’s Dual Mono-Filament speaker cables and the difference is even more apparent.

Set of 4

Can be bought as with Z Plugs or Spades (or a combination of both) - choose below

7" version ... others available

Price: 535.00 (Including VAT at 20%)

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