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Kudos X3

Kudos X3

Hot on the heels of the highly successful Kudos X2 ‘baby floorstander’, the X3 goes above and beyond with its larger size, extended bass and exciting dynamic range.

The X3 uses the same high quality tweeter as its ‘baby brother’ the X2, but marries it with a new 18cm mid-bass driver. The driver’s cone is made from a mixture of paper and reed fibres, combining inherent stiffness and natural damping with light weight to improve transient and dynamic response as well as overall clarity. A copper-clad aluminium voice coil further enhances transients and dynamics, while a copper shorting ring reduces distortion. A cast chassis gives the main driver optimal stability.

Both drive units are of exceptional quality, manufactured exclusively for Kudos by Norwegian specialists SEAS and specifically designed for the Kudos loudspeaker range.

Excellent integration between the two drive units allows the use of a low order, high quality crossover for minimal electrical interaction with the signal. All internal wiring features The Chord Company’s Sarsen loudspeaker cable, selected through extensive testing of a range of alternatives.

The X3’s cabinet is constructed from 18mm high density MDF specifically chosen for its acoustic properties, and is carefully tuned to minimise cabinet colouration and time smear. The reflex port is situated on the bottom of the cabinet so that the plinth then provides a fixed boundary gap for the port to work optimally, as well as providing additional stability.

Available in a range of beautifully finished real wood veneers, the X3 holds true to Kudos’ philosophy of clean lines and simple, understated styling. It uses its extra size to add improved bass extension and greater presentation scale over the X2, but maintains the open and accurate midrange and a subtly detailed treble.

Designed to be easy to drive and to position within a room, the X3 brings out the energy, exuberance and life in a wide variety of music, whatever the genre.

Type 2-way, bass reflex, floorstander
Recommended amplifier power 25W – 150W
Sensitivity 88dB / @ 1 W / 1 m
Nominal impedance 8 ohms
Frequency range 30Hz – 25kHz AIRR (average in-room response)
Tweeter Kudos 25mm fabric dome
Mid/bass driver Kudos 180mm unit with cast chassis, paper/reed cone with 39mm voice coil & copper shorting ring
Dimensions 845mm (h) x 190mm (w) x 250mm (d)
Weight (each loudspeaker) 16 kg

Price: 2,250.00 (Including VAT at 20%)

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