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Kiseki Blue NS

Kiseki Blue NS

Kiseki are not available to 'Click and Buy'

If you are interested and want more information, please call Philip on 01270 580734, so that we can discuss your requirements.

We also have a demonstration Blue available for you to try.

Remember, we will part exchange any working MC cartridge against the purchase of a new Kiseki

Kiseki Blue NS specifications

Body: Aluminum alloy, 25mm long

Cantilever: Solid Boron Rod: 0.28 mm diameter

Stylus: 0,12 x 0,12 Nude line-contact diamond, mirror polished

Stylus tip radius: 5 x 120 µm

Vertical Tracking Angle (VTA): 20 degrees

Coilbody: pure iron

Weight: 8 grams

Output voltage: 0.44 mV at 5 cm/s

Internal impedance: 40 ohms

Frequency response: 20 – 25.000 Hz ± 1 dB

Channel balance: 0.4 dB

Channel Separation: 35 dB at 1 kHz

Tracking ability at 315 Hz at a tracking force of 2.4 grams: 80 µm

Dynamic Compliance: 16 µm/mN

Price: 1,695.00 (Including VAT at 20%)

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