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Isotek EVO3 Syncro Uni

Isotek EVO3 Syncro Uni

Syncro Uni incorporates unique DC-cancelling electronics that rebalance the mains sine wave to dramatically reduce/silence transformer hum. This sophisticated product can be used independently for a single component, or in combination with another IsoTek power cleaner as an upgrade and to deliver a fully rebalanced sine wave across all output sockets.

Reduces/eliminates transformer hum by replacing the mains sine wave on the zero volts line
Uniquely removes harmful DC by rebalancing the mains sine wave
Silver plated OCC (Ohno Continuous Cast) copper solid core internal wiring cable.
Virtual Air Dielectric using a Teflon FEP bridge, this offers chemically inert and very low dielectric constant over a wide frequency range
Can be used with all ranges of power cables

Price: 595.00 (Including VAT at 20%)

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