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Grado iGrado

Grado iGrado

The iGrado street style earphone, designed specifically for portable music players such as iPods and smartphones. It was Grado's goal to design a street style headphone that sonically outperforms anything currently available at a 'real world' price. This they have clearly accomplished. The iGrado headphones are functionally stylish, lightweight and comfortable. By incorporating the same drivers used in the award-winning SR60 headphones, Grado can confidently claim the iGrado is the obvious hi-fi earphones of choice for the mobile users.

For street comfort, the iGrado headset features a stylish 'behind the neck' headband. Truly, Musical Reality For The iWorld!

The iGrado’s are an open back, on ear headphone. The jack will fit into any modern day Hi-Fi system or music source so that you can listen to music off of any source you desire.

Price: 49.00 (Including VAT at 20%)

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