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Grado GS1000e

Grado GS1000e

Flagship of the handcrafted, carved mahogany series of headphones, the GS1000e 'Statement' is capable of delivering truly stunning sonic performances.

This superb headphone features; handcrafted, over-sized, mahogany earpieces made using an intricate curing process, which enables Grado to optimise the tonal quality. The GS1000e also uses upgraded 50mm dynamic transducers and a new 12 conductor cable design.

The headphones cushion design actually creates a "room" for the ears to sit, creating a larger soundstage and greater spatial experience for the listener. It was most important to design the correct balance between the driver and the wooden housing, to ensure the resulting sound was precisely what Grado wanted

This has clearly been accomplished and we believe the GS1000e to be one of the most comfortable headphones on the market today. Listen and enjoy!

Price: 999.95 (Including VAT at 20%)

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