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Black Rhodium Libra Power cable

Black Rhodium Libra Power cable

Brand New Cable Designed for Ultimate Performance in Low Power Equipment

•Cable manufactured in England
•5A rating suitable for source equipment and low power amplifiers
•3 core 16 x 0.2mm tinned copper conductors, insulated to UK colour code, twisted for superior noise rejection
•Low impedance high cross section conductor wire for superior low frequency response and stereo imaging
•Silicone rubber insulation for accurate portrayal of the leading edges and decays in music
•Twisted internally along the length of the cable to prevent the loop "aerial" effect to prevent audible distortion to sound quality
•Designed for low ‘Transient Phase Distortion’ by increasing the thickness of the inner insulation to 1.2mm

Available with IEC connector (as shown) or Figure 8 connector - choose below

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