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Atlas McCallum Isolators Blackwood Polished

Atlas McCallum Isolators Blackwood Polished

Built as a collaboration between Atlas and the largest Bagpipe manufacturer in Scotland, the McCallum Isolators are made from African Blackwood, a great material for musical instruments as it's one of the densest and most absorbent woods around. These properties also ensure that strips of this material are often found with guitars, cellos and many woodwind instruments. Atlas discovered the woods properties almost by accident while researching materials for plug casework... and it turned out to be ideal for isolators

The standard Mcallums are interended for stand mount speaker and small floorstanders... the Celtics for heavier designs, but both are effective under any piece of equipment such as CD Players and Pre Amps.

Supplied as a set of four

Price: 125.00 (Including VAT at 20%)

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