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Atlas Mavros XLR Digital AES EBU

Atlas Mavros XLR Digital AES EBU

Unique to Atlas, the Mavros fully balanced digital AES EBU uses a new microporous PTFE dielectric together with pure OCC silver conductors which are manufactured using the highest-quality technique for drawing silver.

The new microporous insulation with a dielectric constant between 1.3 and 1.5 improves on ordinary PTFE and provides up to 85% greater velocity of propagation (VOP) than ordinary cables and 30% better than Teflon cables. That speed introduces better musical integrity throughout the audio spectrum and especially in the area of high frequency delivery. The music has more pace and the presentation is holographic. Speaker boxiness disappears as the Mavros offers listeners an ambience and a relaxed yet dynamic all engulfing sound that truely replicates a concert hall experience.

The end result of this new development is a natural-sounding interconnect that neither subtracts from the music, nor adds any false details or unwanted colouration; additions that are often heard as “improvements” of the sound. This outstanding interconnect cable is a superb match with the Mavros speaker cable, allowing music-lovers to achieve a big band-width signal and a barrier free path for their music.

The Mavros AES EBU interconnect was designed to be technically and sonically superior to any other interconnect cable currently available anywhere at similar prices.

Do you dare try this scientifically verifyable, technically advanced, superior quality cable in your system? If so get ready to be amazed because nothing will prepare you for the staggering improvement you'll hear!

The Mavros AES EBU is terminated with XLR plugs, which are solder free, silver plated Ohno Continuous Cast (OCC) XLR types

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