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Atlas Hyper 1.5 Speaker Cable

Atlas Hyper 1.5 Speaker Cable

The Atlas Hyper speaker cables offer unbeatable value. Previously unheard at the prices of these cables is a PTFE dielectric and 6N pure (99.9999%) OFC conductors. Indeed the Hyper is almost certainly one of the finest HiFi performance bargains today.

The Hyper speaker cables are available in 1.5 sq mm, 2.0 sq mm, 3.5 sq mm and Bi-Wire options. The Hyper 1.5 sets the standard with detailed, open and accurate sound for both HiFi and AV systems alike. The Hyper 2.0 is renowned as a standard reference cable for quality HiFi Systems. Choose the Hyper 3.5 for increased bass and the Bi-Wire for improved high frequency information in a bi-wire speaker system.

The Atlas Hyper cables share many similarities with the more advanced Ascent models; they are smooth and refined

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