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Atlas Ascent 3.5 Speaker Cable Grun

Atlas Ascent 3.5 Speaker Cable  Grun

The Ascent is the first of Atlas's Reference product range; it joins the Mavros and the Asimi; these are designed to work with audiophile quality amplifiers and speakers that will benefit from the superior quality. The Mavros will faithfully provide the listener with a full and detailed sound; often introducing information from the source component that listeners can be forgiven for believing was never there before! At Atlas our design mission is to get as much deletion free information from one end of the cable to the other without distorting the sound or giving the sound a high frequency bias such as silver plated cables do. That's why the VOP (velocity of propagation) is a measurement we're happy to provide. Fast cables don't delete signals in the way a slow cable will.

The Atlas Ascent audiophile cables arrive in two sizes: these contain 2.0 sq mm or 3.5 sq mm of the finest stranded Ohno Continuous Cast (OCC), non deleting copper within a PTFE dielectric. Use the 2.0 where bass is not a prerequisite or the 3.5 if increased low frequency information is desired. The Ascent cables follow on the Atlas tradition and design philosophy. They offer a holographic image with depth, height and width. They are transparent and an ambience that perhaps was never heard before is given to the listener with the Ascent cables. They offer a silent background, high resolution of low level detail and a sibilant and smear free high frequency delivery

Now with new 'GRUN' earthing system

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