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Atlas Asimi Luxe Speaker Cable

Atlas Asimi Luxe Speaker Cable

Essentially a solid silver version of Mavros, but in reality, so much more than that ..... Asimi is our favourite speaker cable by a huge margin!

The Asimi speaker cable can be terminated using Atlas OCC Spades or our unique Rhodium plated locking 4mm plug. The Rhodium plated plug holds the substantial cable at an appropriate angle and expands via a rotating knurled knob to lock the plug to the socket in order that the weight of the cable does not cause it to pull loose or slacken from the 4mm speaker socket. The conductors are crimped or cold welded to a ferrule which in turn is firmly held inside the plug by two grub screws.

Each speaker cable is provided with a serial number which is etched onto the plug. Purchasers may then register their five year guarantee safe in the knowledge that their purchase is a genuine Atlas manufactured cable that will perform in exactly the same way as those that have been reported upon the fabulous Asimi cable reviews.

The Asimi speaker cable is designed to be 'invisible' - delivering performance comparable to no direct connection of the signal. The Asimi is an outstanding product, designed by Atlas to reveal the entire content of the recording. In listening tests, the results are surprising; the Asimi introduces an air and ambience of sound hitherto hidden. Listen and prepare to be amazed!

Picture shows previous 'Ultra' version ... details of NEW Luxe version to follow

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