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Atlas Mavros Grun Speaker Cable

Atlas Mavros Grun Speaker Cable

The Atlas Mavros speaker cable with its new microporous PTFE provides approximately a 72% increase in VOP over ordinary cables, which introduces an unprecedented performance to audio cables. The engineering technology, the conductor quality and that of the dielectrics, introduces a sound that is without equal.

The dynamic range, transparency, speed and accuracy of the Mavros speaker cable is offered in true Atlas style with a holographic presentation and precise imaging that lets the listener hear every instrument. Something rarely heard is timbre, intimacy and the delicacy and ambience in recordings. The Mavros speaker cable has a unique ability to provide that wonderful extra and offers the listener a new experience or dimension that replicates the live performance and takes the listener into the music.

The Mavros speaker cable may be produced with 4 to 4 plugs for bi-amping, 2 to 4 plugs for bi-wiring or 2 to 2 for non bi-wire systems.

The Mavros can be terminated using Atlas OCC spades or our unique Atlas Rhodium plated locking 4mm plug. The Rhodium plated plug holds the substantial cable at an appropriate angle and expands via a rotating knurled knob to lock the plug to the socket in order that the weight of the cable does not cause it to pull loose or slacken from the 4mm speaker socket. The conductors are crimped or cold welded to a ferrule which in turn is firmly held inside the plug by two grub screws.

Each speaker cable is provided with a serial number which is etched onto the plug. Purchasers may then register their five year guarantee safe in the knowledge that their purchase is a genuine Atlas manufactured cable that will perform in exactly the same way as those that have been reported upon in the fabulous Mavros reviews.

The Mavros may be the best OCC copper speaker cable in the world, we recommend you ask your dealer for a demonstration in order to discover the true potential your system is capable of providing. Prepare to be amazed!

2 to 2 version

Now with new 'GRUN' earthing system

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