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Atlas Asimi XLR Luxe

Atlas Asimi  XLR Luxe

The aim of the new Atlas Asimi project was to take a completely fresh look at cable design and to develop new techniques to create a cable that would satisfy the most demanding customers for years to come. We're now proud to reveal the extraordinary all new Atlas Asimi XLR interconnect.

The "best in class" brief looked at all areas of the design, from the materials used to create the cable and connectors through to the manufacturing processes. Specifically, we looked at whether an improved neutral high fidelity sound could be achieved using standard metallic connectors, whether the capacitance cable load could be improved and whether the RF (Radio Frequency) rejection performance could be improved. Throughout the development process, Atlas conducted iterative design and testing to achieve their aims, with the resultant cable being the all new Asimi XLR.

Picture shows previous 'Ultra' version ... details of NEW Luxe version to follow

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